Friday, January 15, 2010

Kevin Durant Shot Selection test

Want to see how Kevin Durant's shot selection (At Rim, <10 Feet, 10-15 Feet, 16-23 Feet, and Threes) has changed as the season has progressed? 

I don't know if this is going to work but I'll give it a whirl.

This is Google Motion Chart. I want you to follow these steps to test it out.

Step 1: In the check box on the right hand side, check off all the options (<10,AtRim, Long, Mid, and Threes). Make sure that "Trails" is checked as well.

Step 2: On the horizontal axis below the graph (the left to right one) it should say "Shot Pct". Click "Shot Pct" and change it to "Time".

Step 3: Where it says "Game No" on the top right above the pretty colors, click that and change it to "Unique Colors".

Step 4: Click the play button on the bottom left.

(I don't know how to change the year or why it defaults to 1901).

Was that fun? Worth it? No?

I wish there was a was a way to customize the "Time" measurement to "Games". It would make a whole lot more sense to see Kevin Durant's At Rim shot percentage by game and not by early 20th century years. And obviously, I would rather the chart be ready for the push play button without going through all the preliminary steps.

So, Kevin Durant has cut down his long twos and crossed over the 3-point line as the season progressed while attacking the rim more.  That's cool. Or is that just the chart?


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